Winter destinations

Winter destinations: places to go in Portugal

It’s already raining and cold outside, sun and the beach it’s a thing of the past in many of the countries in the old continent. Nonetheless an opportunity is, a chance to venture onto other stops and do other things, those that don’t feel like doing when the sun shines.

Autumn is here, which means the end of long days, no more picnics, long walks, time passed reading that book in the grass or in the sand. It’s time of warm clothing, fireplaces, staying indoors longer periods of time, but that doesn’t mean staying indoors, although occasionally it feels like. Let’s get creative, let’s try new things!

One good side of the seasons is that they break routines, each season has its moment, in some countries these moments, such as grey and cold days, are longer then others,  just the same for sunny and heat.

Long live diversity! Long live fall and winter…in a blink of an eye it’s spring and summers turn.

Now short-sleeved shirts give way to warm clothing, cold drinks are replaced by hot ones, and for most mortals, cold water baths are no longer desired, any activity involving water has to be hot.

Swimming Pool? … Only if we are talking about a heated swimming pool, now to relax instead of the beach what goes well is a Turkish bath or a sauna.

[ culture and leisure ]

Traveling is that year-round activity, whether it’s hot or not, but destinations are like fruits, go with certain times of the year, now feels better being in warm environments. Because here we are big nature enthusiasts, and big camping advocates, and for us is more like a lifestyle, for many going to a campsite means tent, regardless of the weather, but for others the tent is more summer think, so there are great alternatives of lodgings like bungalows and teepees, perfect for a winter weekend or holidays.

Good weather makes us more relaxed, which with the arrival of the grayest days tends to disappear and sometimes gives way to depressing moments, an ideal time to venture and dive in warmer and therapeutic waters, time to visit a Spa or a Wellness Resort and pamper the body.

[ Summer smells like the beach, Winter like mountain ]

If you on the way to Portugal and paying a visit to a hot spring is a good idea there’s some that are very good and well known to the portuguese. A good way to get to know Portugal is to follow and mark your route through some of them, that way you combine two in one, history and leisure. There are spas from north to south. Here are a few and the nearest campsites, where you can rent a bungalow or park your caravan or motorhome:

But there are many more.

An opportunity to relax, enjoy and book now! 😉


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