Carnival spots in Portugal

The Best Carnival Spots in Portugal

That time of year has come when we are allowed to be naughty and to go out into the street dressed as we please, the only rule is to be dressed, whether it be a hero or villain, a politician or a clown. At this time cities, towns or even villages take to the streets in full force to put this tradition into practice.

Carnival, its origins

According to data from Wikipedia, the Carnival of Portugal has a long carnival tradition and ancient roots, still today being one of the most important festive “cycles” in the country.

Celebrated in Portugal since the 15th century, the Shrovetide (known in the country as entrudo) was exported by the Portuguese to the then colony of Brazil, from where the modern elements of samba returned, which currently influence the Carnival of some Portuguese locations. According to some authors and historians, the Madeira Carnival in Portugal, which dates back to the heyday of sugar production in the 16th century, and its connection to slaves as a port of passage for goods and people, would have accompanied the expansion of international trade. sugar bowl in the Atlantic from that island, influencing Brazilian carnival traditions with Madeiran traditions and playful expressions.

Carnivals worth visiting

Following the route with south-north orientation, starting in the Algarve you have:


Characteristics: One of the hottest carnivals in the country, certainly the most southerly on our list, with strong Brazilian inspiration, in reduced clothes, typical of warmer stops.

Where to stayOrbitur – Quarteira , only 12 km from Loulé.


Characteristics: A very lively and lively carnival, also known for its social and political criticism.

Where to stay: You can by close to the festivities, in Campigir – São Torpes.


Characteristics : Close to Lisbon, right by the beach, fun and grilled fish in a location that resembles holidays.

Where to stay : Forte do Cavalo.

Torres Vedras

Characteristics: One of the most well-known carnivals in the country, with revelry and debauchery for several days, in which torriences (the designation of the locals) go to the streets in force.

Where to stay: Praia de Santa Cruz.


Characteristics: Ovar’s carnival is not far behind that of Torres Vedras, due to the local involvement and the days of celebration.

Where to stay : Camping Furadouro.


Characteristics: Although it is a party with greater prominence in urban areas (where the influence of Carnival in Brazil is more frequent), it still has its own characteristics and traditions, most evident in Carnival in rural areas in the interior of the country. The faces are evidence of this. But there is much more to see, this is undoubtedly one of the most picturesque carnivals in Portugal. Don’t miss out!

Where to stay : Camping Municipal de Bragança.


Characteristics: It is a very popular carnival, known for the level of involvement where the municipality and individuals participate and contribute to give this carnival a very particular spirit. Whoever comes from abroad is sure to have a magnificent vacation with guaranteed fun.

Where to stay : Porto Moniz.

Don’t be to naughty, have fun!

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