Permanent vacation home: lowcost glamping

There is a time for those who enjoy camping that comfort start to be more appealing, they want that outdoor lifestyle, with the freedom, communion with nature, but a little more comfort opens another set of options, making it even more appealing to take those vacation our favorite spots. It becomes more prevalent that desire for comfort as you get older and/or there are kids involved. For a couple of days of camping, comfort is not something you think much about, but when you factor in a week or more the scene takes a different turn.

Rent or buy?

We want the camping experience but with some of the comfort we have at home, and there are ways to achieve just that. There are always a path you can follow: (1) rent bungalows, an accommodation option available in most camping sites, (2) rent a caravan, motorhome or campervan, an increasingly trendy alternative especially among young people, or you can opt for a more permanent, more home-style solution holiday but equally flexible and (3) buy a caravan/motorhome/campervan.

Buying such vehicle is a good alternative if you have a budget and the idea for a refuge, to where you can escape whenever you feel like it, is bubbling for a while, and buying a home is not quit your style (it does not guarantee access to certain spaces and does not offer that flexibility you like so much).

But being cheaper than buying a home is nonetheless expensive, so more and more people are opting for other way, (4) reusing / refurbishing, buying a used caravan/camper and fixing it. This option has the advantage of being cheaper (not necessarily cheap, but cheaper in comparison) and allowing for a renovation where you can put that personal touch, from the choice of wall materials, color, equipment’s, and this will make all the difference the moment you decide to spend a few days off.

Tiny house movement

There’s a growing movement of people remodeling their own space (DIY) in recent years, just search online, especially on YouTube, to find projects from people who have decided to go to work and create their own lowcost glamping editions. There are projects that will amaze you so good they are.

By choosing this path, you can, without having to buy land, park your home on your favorite campsite for the time you want, a practical and minimalistic way of thinking that checks all the boxes: affordable, flexible and who know even can be a good business decision. So you can have all the advantages of camping, with the additional comfort, and if you want, when isn’t being used, can be rented. This means offsetting some of the costs (an additional source of income), a win win situation.

Since not everyone has the ease and skills that allow to do these projects, or simply do not master a particular area necessary to the completion of such project, for example taking care of electrical conversion, although we find tutorials on the internet about everything, you can always count on the help of professionals to make those conversions. If you are in Portugal visit the page Caravans/Motorhomes and you will certainly find that so needed help, whether you are in the north, center or south of the country.

Start building!


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