Caravaning, the most covid free option

My campervan my home – the safest option to vacation

Now that you hear about deflation, security is more talked about than ever. It seems clear that our lives will not be as they were before the appearance of COVID-19, but it is also clear that there is and will be life after the crisis. The health authorities advise prudence, tell us not to let our guard down and maintain all the care we learned in the confinement phase, now that the world is gradually beginning to return to some “normality”.

Travel days after lockdown

The month of May can be decisive, if all goes well, it will not be long before we start thinking about going on vacation, because it is part of life and after so long being closed at home, when the trips were limited to a trip to the supermarket (…minus the workers who were on the front line, considered essential, from the health personnel to the hundreds of workers who made it possible for supermarkets to have full shelves, just to name a few.), it will feel like changing the scene, breaking a little bit of “ routine ”that took over our daily lives. So now the question arises, where to go?


The call we hear is that we don’t move abroad, travel ??? .. ”do it but stay inside the country”. This request will not be difficult to satisfy since Portugal has so many interesting places, many indeed. From magnificent mountains, places where we can go hiking (checkout the Portuguese Trails video), to be dazzled by the local fauna and flora, to places where the rivers freshness and cleanliness of its waters make a great calling card, there is a lot to see and do.

Many of the national campsites are on the best routes, whether we look for places simply to rest, meditate, read that book, or to practice our favorite activities, feel the adrenaline, that pleasure of feeling tired legs after a good walk, the common link is the open space whose only barriers, trees, full of life, are welcome.

Caravaning, Covid free option

This crisis leaves us apprehensive about much, present and future. This feeling is felt in the simplest of things, a trip to the supermarket, a trip to hair-dresser, hyper-attentive in all our gestures, from the moment we leave the house until we arrive, making everything much harder than we are used. Cutting hair, something so simple and engrained in our daily lives, is out of the question for many for the reason we all know, and when the time comes to travel, for a well deserved vacation, we may question the risks related to the overnight stays.

Traditional means of accommodation, such as hotels, imply closer contact with many people in confined spaces, which for many “is a big NO NO”. Motorhomes, which in recent years has seen an increase in the number of people interested in this way to travel, can play an important roll when the time comes to take some time off. This way of traveling has many advantages, as snails carring their homes on their backs, this lifestyle gives the freedom and flexibility when the time comes to choose the destination, also to isolate yourself when is needed. So, in this state of uncertainty, campervans and motorhomes present yet another important argument, safety. Among the accommodation options available to us, caravaning seems to be one of the safest. After all, taking a caravan or motorhome is like taking our home, and if there is a place we feel safe is in our home.

Caravaning, the most covid free option

Camping, open spaces

The 2nd best option seems to be the campsites, it is not because we promote the campsites that we say it, the reason is simple, camping means open spaces, but of course they are not without risk, the biggest challenges can be at the moment to use common areas like bathrooms, but even if the rules of social distance are respected, open parks will do everything possible to reduce the risk as much as possible. These 2 options seem to be the safest accommodation options when deciding to go on vacation.

The 3rd option seems to be the local accommodation outside the large urban centers, usually marked by a certain isolation, allowing a good hygiene of the spaces, and the contact with the local populations is very dependent on our will.

There is no shortage of options, be it places to meet or review, as well as accommodation options, so if you are one of those lucky enough to spend a few days away from home, know that you can go out but follow the slogan of Turismo de Portugal, “Go outside inside” (in the portuguese language may sound better, “Vá para fora cá dentro”).


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